Equipment and Funding


 Based on individual need, various organizations, health and private insurances, and some state or federal agencies provide funding for Assistive Technology of Michigan’s equipment and services. Call today for a FREE Funding Consultation. 


 Individuals with physical, visual, or learning disabilities often experience difficulty with a traditional computer keyboard or mouse, or find them impossible to use. Technology solutions such as voice recognition allow our customers to utilize the computer as a phone, download electronic books, pay bills via the internet, and communicate through email – all of the activities necessary to function and thrive in the electronic age. 


 Environmental Control Units (ECUs) allow disabled individuals to manipulate and control their surroundings without the assistance of a family member or caregiver. Voice-over commands or switch activation controls electrical devices such as:

  • Lights
  • Phones
  • Thermostats
  • Electric Beds
  • Televisions and VCRs
  • Door Openers


Many individuals with disAbilities loses their ability to communicate verbally due to illness or injuries.  Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) are electronic devices that restores someone's ability to communicate with others.  SGDs can be accessed via single switch, touch, head control, or eyegaze. 


 Ergonomics is the scientific field that studies how humans interact with machines, and the development of environments, systems, products, tasks and jobs that are compatible with and individual’s needs, abilities and limitations. ATM’s ergonomic services promote quality of life by assuring the solutions we provide prevent repetitive motion injuries, increase comfort, and maximize productivity. 


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